Edumedia Tunisie is a media and information toolkit containing videos, ideas and pedagogical resources for youngsters and teachers who want to develop media and information literacy skills. You will learn how to navigate today’s endless flow of media and information, and how to critically evaluate media content. The toolkit contains, for example, methods for checking sources of information, and for distinguishing journalism or factual information from propaganda. It also gives tips and ideas on how to be safe and protect your privacy online. It offers a practical ‘learning by doing’ approach that encourages creativity as well as child and youth participation. The online resources will be updated and added to on a regular basis, with more videos and pedagogical resources.
Media and information literacy (MIL) skills are important in most school subjects, including languages, arts, social studies, history, health and science. Many educators have discovered that MIL education is an effective and engaging way to apply critical thinking skills to a wide range of areas and issues.
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Pedagogical methods, materials and activities
Edumedia Tunisie provides a series of pedagogical resources that will engage children and youth in formal and non-formal educational settings. The activities will develop media awareness and critical thinking, as well as other 21st Century skills related to the media. The pedagogical approach is to combine audiovisual materials with a mix of methods and an issue-enquiry approach. The methods include problem-based learning and cooperative learn, stimulating in-depth analysis and creative expression.

Theoretical framework
The content and approach of Edumedia Tunisie is based on international standards and research relating to Media and Information Literacy (MIL). Educators and others can find in-depth information and plenty of additional resources at the UNESCO Media and Information Literacy for teachers websiteHere, you can find out more about, for example Benefits and Requirements of MIL and Core Teacher Competencies.