Edumedia offers pedagogical resources for students and teachers who want to develop media and information literacy skills. The toolkit contains videos and games, and pedagogical methods on fact-checking, hate speech,  journalism, and propaganda. You can find tips on how to be safe online. Edumedia uses a  learning-by-doing approach that encourages creativity and participation.
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Pedagogical methods and materials
Edumedia Tunisie provides a series of engaging pedagogical resources, from videos to worksheets. It works in both formal and non-formal settings, and help young people to develop 21st Century skills related to the media. The audiovisual resources are combined with a mix of pedagogical methods.

Theoretical framework
Edumedia Tunisie is based on international standards and research relating to Media and Information Literacy (MIL). You can find more in-depth information and additional resources at the UNESCO Media and Information Literacy for teachers website.